Interview (selfie)

To explain a little more about my work I collected a number of questions. These were taken from interviews I came randomly across. I arranged and rearranged them and came up with the following.

What inspired your work? 

Art history but also digital art and in particular Photoshop and some other 2D and 3D image manipulation programs both influenced and inspired me.

Do you feel competitive with other artists?

Generally speaking, no.

Can you tell me how the EU did affect your work? 

Art history and after that an interest in the political side of Europe.

Where did this interest in ancient Greece culture come from? 

The roots of Europe.

How did that influence your work? 

To expand my horizon, initially I was only interested in 20th century art.

What famous artists have influenced you, and how?

Hard to say, I can’t think of a name that comes to mind. I do know that if I could choose a famous painting that I could take home I most likely would choose a Rothko.

Can you say a little about that because I can’t see your digital way of working in the relation to Rothko. 

I started using a computer in 1995, it might be the directness of digital work that drew me to the directness of the whole process. 

What can you tell me about the fact that you did stop painting?

Finally, it was the turn of the century, I thought this must stop. I just moved into a new studio and because of that I thought it a pity not to use it for painting. I started making painted copies of my digital work just for fun, but ended up in the same process of changing over and over again. Finally, in 2006 I got rid my paint and canvas.