Rotterdam 1948

Comprehensive Biography


Nico Emons (1948 Rotterdam Netherlands)
1965 Academy Rotterdam
1968 Free Academy The Hague


1995 First works made on computer
2010 Exhibition organized by VoeB, German Association of Public Banks at the office of the European Association of Public Banks in Brussels.


1976 Group exhibition A.D.I. Gallery in San Francisco California
1983-89 Art History at the University of Leiden
1993 Solo exhibition at Pulchri Studio Artists Society in The Hague

2010 Solo exhibition Pulchri Studio in The Hague
2012 Group exhibition MOCA New York
From than on mostly showing my work on the internet.

What happened?

Until 2006 I did a lot of painting with some minor success. It never developed into a style as soon I was on to something it slipped away just about every two years.

Getting into computer graphics initially in 1995 it developed side by side painting.

In 2006 I decided to give up painting altogether and give all my attention to computer graphics, at first also some 3D, but eventually 2D, mainly Photoshop but also GIMP, which is open source. As of 2016 I decided to do only reinterpretations and have been experimenting with various possibilities. While working on the website galleries I realised that a composition of squares, separated by black spaces would give me my personal signature.