Titles top left to bottom right: (re-int. 2017) Yoyoi Kusuma vs Van Gogh, (re-int 2017) Yoko Ono vs Constable, (re-int. 2017) Mme Moltessier Var.1, (re-int. 2017) Pyke Koch, (re-int. 2017) Kimsooja vs Vermeer Var.3, (re-int. 2017) de Kooning, (re-int. 2017) Dali Meltong watch Var.3, (re-int. 2017) Beuys vs C.D. Friedrich Var.3, (re-int. 2017) Abramovic vs Honthorst Var.4

These graphics are personal and full of complications that lead to a wide field of experiences. What has been realized, in this stadium, is also some reinterpretation and imagination, and therefore these pictures are relevant. It is a restructure of situations that were already there.