This refers to the idea that one can have a theory or not. Obviously there is always a theoretical background, often only subconscious, but more than often consciously.

My theory is the reinterpretation based on the study of art history. The study was not randomly, but through a university program. That gave a deeper inside into the subject matter. Of course that is no guaranty to create more meaningful art. In my case it became the subject matter as such.

I choose what may be called state of the art artworks. Not only because they are great artworks, but also because they are indicative of the development of art throughout history.

To do it digitally is a contemporary development that made it possible in my case. Usually painters do some reinterpretations through their own particular style. In my case I have tried to develop one but, did not succeed. The speed of working digitally made it eventually possible to create something that has at least personal touch.

Top left to bottom right: (re-int. 2020) Composition JWW CM JM P, (re-int. 2021) Composition VvG JV, (re-int. 2021) Composition EH JM, (re-int. 2022) Rubens, (re-int. 2020) Composition YK FGT BvdA, (re-int. 2017) Koch Contortionist Var.2

One dives into new territory through various stages that are also reworked by reworking the original until the right result, which is basically a perception, is realized.